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Your London Address

This Service starts at £10 a month & can include:

bullet 'Your Company's' Registered office
bullet Mail & Messages forwarded to you
bullet Meeting Rooms available

Your name or Your Compny Name
601 International House
223 Regent Street
Mayfair, London,

Your Prestigious London Address from £10 a month. Send Payments To to Wire Transfer payment
Welcome to, we offer Virtual Office Solutions for your business so whether your located in the North of Scotland, South of Wales or any other part of the UK, you can now have that prestigious London address which helps give your business the credence and image it rightly deserves, no matter what service or product your company provides
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The same day company foundation service starts at £39 and can include:

bullet From only £39*
bullet Company Secretary available
bullet Free names searches & advice
bullet Bank Accounts
bullet Off Shore jurisdictions Available
bullet Full Service package from £25 pm

You can chose any of the services above or combine them to suit your needs.

*with a registered address package

Regent Street

Regent St, Mayfair London Office
601 International House
223 Regent Street
Mayfair, London

Tel: 0207 544 1000 | Fax: 0207 544 1090

Telephone Service

This service gives you a London 0207 number which can include:

bullet Number answered in 'Your Name'
bullet Or with 'Your Company Name'
bullet Messages emailed free
bullet Option of Messages texted to you.
bullet Calls answered+patched through.
bullet Divert calls without interruption
bullet 24 Hour Service available
bullet Non Geographic Numbers, 0800, 0870 0r 0845 available.

You can chose any one of the services above or combine them to suit your needs.